Strategic Prophetic Teachings Kit 3/10 Democracy vs The Kingdom



In every generation since the beginning of time, man has always dreamt of a paradise on earth. This dream for the ideal has been the driving force behind the motivation , inspiration and development of all philosophical ideas and government systems in all cultures worldwide and at all times. These have been developed, refined, and formalized. Democracy is just another man inspired and developed system that began to develop in ancient Greece as early as the 600 B.Cs. In ancient Athens democracy differed in important ways from the democracy we know today. The word democracy means rule by the people.


In a democracy, governments operate by the will and vote of the people making every vote and opinion important, resulting in the majority ruling.

The Holy Bible teaches us about a Kingdom ruled by God, not man. This means that in God’s Kingdom our opinion is of no importance and the only opinion that matters is God’s. Therefore it is evident how God’s Kingdom and a democracy are two different and opposing worlds.


The majority of Christians worldwide live in Western countries which are also democracies. Many of these born-again believers, born and raised in democratic countries have a problem understanding what it means as believers to live a strong Kingdom life, which results in the power of God not being manifested. Could this be one of the main reasons why God’s Kingdom hasn’t come on earth?


The commandments and teachings of Jesus Christ are simple and straightforward. Yet we in democracies are so used to debating issues, giving our own thoughts and opinions on scripture resulting many times in a weakening or misunderstanding of what God is trying to accomplish. We try to reach a compromise to keep everyone happy rather than SIMPLY recognize God’s Word as Law. Many times we are hasty to give our opinion on a matter which creates laziness in truly seeking God and the purposes He is seeking to accomplish.


For anyone to live successfully in God’s Kingdom it requires a complete mental reversal. That means to stop thinking as democrats and to start thinking like citizens of a far greater Kingdom that is incorruptible and without blemish. Most of the church is ineffective and powerless because although saved, they are not converted in a way to think like citizens of this far superior Kingdom. I believe many saved people don’t have a revelation of the Eternal and powerful Kingdom of God but continue to live in their temporal state.


God’s Kingdom isn’t where we bring our protests, our forming committees, our schedules etc to try and influence those that God is trying to work through. If there is going to be any real power released in the church, we need to come to a place where we realize we can’t play games with God. God is King over all creation. He is not a president or any leader we can vote in or out.


God’s people are called to be citizens of His Kingdom, meaning democratic mindsets need to be laid aside. It means that we stop going on about political leaders as if they are the ones who can make a difference and to start trusting in Him. Ambassadors of Christ, that is your Divine commission to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to earth. Jesus Christ has redeemed us from the foolishness of any world system and given us His Kingdom. Why do we subject ourselves to the world again?



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