Proof of God – Solar Eclipse

Proof of God! 

Solar Eclipse

Everyone understands about Solar eclipse – but just what is needed for one to happen? Is it just by chance that the Moon EXACTLY overshadows the Sun ? Let’s look at the info:

Distance of Sun from Earth 93 million. The image shows the size comparison between the Sun and the Earth – the Sun is hundreds of thousands of times larger than the Earth!

The Sun is hundreds of thousands of times larger than the Earth – the Moon is so small it is impossible to include in the image. 

The Sun is about 93 million miles from the Earth, yet, when there is a solar eclipse, the Moon is EXACTLY the same size as the Sun from looking up from the Earth! 

The odds of these planets being EXACTLY the same size during a full solar eclipse are near impossible, it is like trying to cover the planet Earth with a grain of wheat, it would be impossible! 

As well as the size and distance having to be exact for a full solar eclipse, the planets also need to be aligned correctly in space, without this alignment there would be NO solar eclipse – again the chances of these planets been in alignment are near impossible, especially since the Earths axis is at an angle! 

This is just one of MANY proofs that the galaxy was designed by an intelligence, an intelligence that is far beyond anything of this world.


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