Proof of God – Archeology – Noah’s Ark Discovered Near Mount Ararat !

Noah’s Ark Discovered Near Mount Ararat !

On June 20 1987, after 10 yrs of intense research, the Turkish government announced to the world the discovery of Noah’s ark and the dedication of it and the surrounding area has a national park.

In 1977 Ron Wyatt made his first trip to this area, it was during this first trip that Ron found numerous huge anchor stones.  These were all in a direct alignment with the boat shaped object, evidencing their being cut loose or dropped as the ark entered the area of its final rest.

These bear ancient iconic graphic inscriptions of the 8 survivors of the flood.

In Dec. of 1978 an earthquake in this highly remote area dropped the soil from around the formation  allowing Ron to see for the first time the ribbed timbers and deck support timbers visibly exposed on the sides.

A large crack was also formed along the entire length of the object  and he was able to measure the depth and take samples for analysis.

The analysis showed a very high organic carbon content, consistent with ancient wood.  Later metal detection surveys and subsurface interface radar showed an incredible man made structure encapsulated within the formation.

Keels and keelsons,   bulkheads, decks and even partitions between the cages became visible  through  these  scientific devices.

From 20/20:

“Ron Wyatt and Dave Fasold believe they have found the ark on a slope of what the local people call doomsday mountain, some 15 miles south of Mt. Ararat.  Wyatt and Fasold had made what they consider exciting and important discoveries.  Apparently old Armenian tomb stones that commemorate the survival of Noah and his family.”

Fasold: “When the early Christians found these things, they carved crosses on them for the eight survivors and this whole valley was known as the region of eight.”

Wyatt: ‘’this is an iconic graphic representation here of a man, the head of a household, his wife, his three sons and his three daughters in law and as you can see here the eight crosses, the ones to his left are the ladies in the family,  the ones to his right are the men  in the family. “

To Wyatt and Fasold these stones appear to be in direct alignment to the boat shaped site on doomsday mountain.  The boat shaped site was first found and photographed by a Turkish army captain back in 1959.

It was quickly explored and dismissed, but Wyatt an amateur archeologist rekindled interest in it a few years ago.  He brought in Dave Fasold a marine salvage expert to asses it. The doomsday mountain team brought in some high technology to explore the oldest legend of man.  They began scanning their site with a molecular frequency generator.

It’s a device used by surgeons to pinpoint cancer tumors and has been used by Fasold to locate underwater treasure.  This time the molecular frequency generator began to pick up a unique pattern of iron lines beneath the earth. They began placing ribbons along those lines. The finished shape outlined by the ribbons was that of a huge ship, the approximate length and width of Noah’s ark as described in the Bible.

The fascinating field of ribbons soon attracted higher academic interest.

Dr. Gardner: “That looks like iron”, Dr. John Bout Gardner a physicist with Los Alamos laboratories, sent samples back to the lab for analysis and confirmed that the metal they were tracing with the ribbons was indeed  iron.

With the width and the length known the only remaining question was depth. By locating the depth of the hull they could determine if the boat shaped object had the cargo capacity described in the biblical ark.

To resolve this final issue, Wyatt and Fasold brought geologist T. Fenner to Τurkey with his companies, heavy duty sub service radar equipment.  Gear like this located the black box cockpit recorder on the floor of the frozen Ptomic river after the Air Florida crash.

A radar device developed by geographical survey systems in Hudson was used on a mountain. The device called SUR is used by energy exploration companies to analyze what’s below the earth’s surface.

According to SUR something man made is under the mountain.  “ This data does not represent natural  geology. It’s a man made structure. These reflections are occurring very periodic, too periodic to be random natural type interfaces.”

The Governor of the area had Ron demonstrate the radar. When he found what looked like a broken timber near the surface, the Governor had it dug up and gave it to Ron to be verified.

The lab test revealed organic carbon, it was petrified wood.

But the final proof was when it was sectioned, the evidence was obvious.  Not only could the internal wood structure be seen, it was also clearly laminated wood.

Three separate layers could be seen, the adhesive material or glue had seeped out and hardened on one end and was perfectly aligned with the internal layer.

Wyatt: “On our last trip out there past June, we found this very impressive rivet, and if you’ll notice the plate itself is just a little more than a quarter of an inch in thickness, its approximately 3 ½ inches in diameter, the plate itself, and then the shaft of the rivet is roughly an inch to an inch and a quarter inch in diameter, and if you’ll notice here, it was struck while it was hot, and flared out the end of the shaft so that it would not slide back through the hole in this washer, and this shows that their abilities to use metal was quite advanced, quite sophisticated, and folks there are thousands of these rivets on this boat, in fact at every joint where the wooden structures are held together, they’re held together by large metal plates which are mainly iron, and then these rivets.”

20/20: “Good morning, I was just wondering how the size of this structure compares with dimensions in the bible? ”

Wyatt: “Ok, Moses was educated in Egypt, we are told that in the New Testament and also in the Old Testament, and the royal Egyptian cubit which he was familiar with, and we believe used in the giving of  dimensions of the  Ark is 20.6 inches, and 300 of those is exactly  515 ft, and that is the length dimension of the boat.  The boat has splayed some and this is to be expected in an aging boat.  So the width is a little greater than that specified in the Bible, but you could figure the degree of splaying and you come up with very close measurements, very similar to those in the Bible.”

The Turkish Government has recently completed a beautiful visitors centre just above the ark so that visitors  from all nations can visit and see the ark for themselves.


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