Proof of God – Law of Thermodynamics

Law of Thermodynamics 

Nothing can only create NOTHING, before the universe began something must have always existed – Its ENERGY, energy is eternal, the 1st law of thermodynamics confirms that. The law states “energy cannot be created or destroyed”. 

No beginning, not created and no end, that’s the definition of ETERNAL. You also cant claim that this energy always existed in the known universe because science has proven that the universe  didn’t always exist. “The Universe and time didn’t always exist” by Stephen Hawking. 

This energy source that was present BEFORE the universe began had to have power beyond anything we can begin to imagine considering it had transferred all its energy unto the TRILLIONS of stars and BILLIONS of galaxies. 

A separate ETERNAL energy source that exists OUTSIDE of the universe had to have supplied or transferred its energy to the universe (because we know the universe didn’t always exist). 

Its not unreasonable to assume this ENORMOUS energy was the creator God ! 

Listen, we reasonably have two options to determine what was this powerful always existing energy. It could be a dumb, unconscious and vague energy source. 

(However this seems extremely illogical considering that we can observe complexity, order and design throughout the known universe). 

*** The most logical answer would be that an intelligent mind constructed the universe, or a God. *** 

Its as simple as that. If you cant agree with this logic then your stubborn, unreasonable, and don’t want to believe in the possible existence of God.


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